About Us

From Europe to Israel and beyond to Australia, our team have been kicking arse in the international scene for over 100 collective years. 

The Beyond Management crew consists of experienced label heads, performers, agents, event organisers, industry professionals and dancefloor mischief-makers united by a shared passion for music, our scene and the values it was founded on.

Our approach is simple: collaborating to create an essence of unity between artists, labels, event organisers and fans while abiding by the ethical standards of our scene.

Individually, we are all one thread of the rich fabric that is our scene’s culture. It is only when working together in harmony we can weave this beautiful tapestry of creativity that keeps our scene evolving and thriving.

Vaues That Drives Us


Passion inspires, motivates and generates excitement for what we do. With passion at the heart of our business, we nurture ideas, team members, clients and find creative ways to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.


In our scene, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our collective success depends on the ability to build purposeful relationships with all clients grounded in cooperation and shared vision.


Unity celebrates the diverse skills each team member and client brings to the table. Synergising our collective experiences and talents builds unstoppable momentum that drives outstanding achievement.


Integrity creates trust. As an organisation, it’s our most valuable asset. As individuals, it’s a constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness and respect for our collaborators, team members and our scene.


We pride ourselves on providing complete visibility into the success, and sometimes failures, of our business. Celebrating both is how we learn, grow and scale and is an integral part of our culture as we collaborate toward common goals.


Fun boosts creativity, energy, productivity and cognition. We’re too humble to take ourselves seriously all the time and how else would we remain sane in this crazy world if we didn’t enjoy a dancefloor or practical joke regularly?

Our Talented Team Deliver Results